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❪   T y r i a m i s u . m e   ❫

ℋello new me;

everything turns into bright colors

Dear visitor, Tyriamisu.me is a personal domain of Mei. Here you can find various creations that she spends time doing during her free time. Unfortunately it's not updated often, but I hope you will enjoy your visit regardless. The navigation can be found at the bottom -- with the odd text links. ^‿^


As of May 3rd, 2016; I've completely forgotten that I own a twitter to write down updates haha. You can follow it at @heartofgaea if you're interested! Every nitty bit of update will be in it!

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Tyriamisu.me belongs to Mei since 2014-2016. Layout features ayumi hamasaki and is shared with Evey of phantasy.nu and is not meant to be shared, edited or used elsewhere. For credits, see this page. All rights reserved.