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♱hank U;

today was another day that we shared precious moments together

It's about time that I made a new one. I'll try to list all my resources here and keep it updated regularly as graphics websites tends to expire now and then. Feel free to let me know if anything needs to be corrected or linked back to the proper person.


99mockingbirds Although inactive, they have an unique style that I adore so much. I use textures from their site.
Shizoo A beautiful graphics site, I get most of my textures from here. They provide a long range of graphics for everyone.
The Seduction Stunning graphics website, I have recently just used their textures for the domain's layout.


Abyssal Chronicles Personally my favourite and most reliable Tales of fansite. They also have a large gallery of official artworks and pictures they collect all around.
AyuAngel An ayumi hamasaki fansite, very reliable with news and pictures when they rise.
Ayufan Another ayumi hamasaki fansite, they regularly post photoshoots and magazines that ayu appears in.


Awardspace This is my web hosting provider, but they also offer one of the best free hosting services in my opinion.
DaFont Probably the largest fonts collection website. I get all my extraordinary fonts there. If you'd like to know the name of a specific font, you can contact me about it.
HTML Arrows I get all my symbols reference from this page. Really useful and I tend to spend ages finding a symbol suitable for my pages.
Misa-chan's Jpop Blog She translates most of ayumi hamasaki's songs that I've used as subtitles for each page.
Namecheap This is the website I used to register the domain name. Probably the best that I've been with, and I've been a customer there for ages.

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