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let’s go at the same speed, watching the same scenery

Video games all started when I was nearly tiny as a pea. My entire family got addicted to Super Mario World. There were always fights about who would have the Blue Yoshi, who would defeat our favourite stage and so on. It lasted a long time and my love for gaming eventually started growing even further when I got my hands on Tales of Symphonia, which is still one of my favourite rpgs up until now. It's odd, I still remember I used to do so much drawings, graphics and stuff related to it. Symphonia is the reason I started websites in general, all I cared about back then was to make a fansite to Presea (in which I still have to finish, shocking.) I don't play that many games nowadays with exception for the Monster Hunter series, but I still try new games whenever I can.


I've been making fanlistings for ages and by maintaining them also helps me to not get too rusty with Photoshop, haha. All listings below are listed at either The Fanlistings and/or Anime Fanlistings. They will eventually have extended information and media sometime in the future.

Presea Combatir

Anise Tatlin

Dawn of the New World

Shin Megami Tensei
Persona 4


mh4u: guild quests

This is just a long list of the Guild Quests that I have with my character for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I decided to make it a bit fancy so that others can view it as well and request a quest or so if wanted.

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