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❪   T y r i a m i s u . m e   ❫

♱ell All;

if nothing begins, I won’t know the pain of losing you

From time to time, I love assisting friends and acquaintances with their websites or in areas that I can help in. So this page will sort of be like my portfolio. If you would like to know more about so, send me a message.

Another World

Although I'm barely doing 1% at the moment, I provide assistance with the graphical stuff (such as cards and so on) for Evey and Mousey's online Trading Card Game. I used to play TCG back in the old days, but lost interest due to becoming more and more inactive, but this one is aiming to stay for ages.
Meso Market

This is basically a shop to buy mesos from, for the game MapleStory (in which I still have yet to play!) I'm responsible for maintaining the website - however the owners handle the transactions and the support on their own.

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